How to Restore One iPhone From Another

You can restore your files from a backup when upgrading your iPhone.

You can restore your new iPhone from the backup of an old iOS device, so you do not have to manually copy your contacts, music and photos or install your apps. There are two ways of restoring an iPhone from a backup, though iTunes and via iCloud. You should only select the second method if you have access to a reliable Internet connection, as backing up or restoring your device will take longer otherwise.

Tap "Settings" on the home screen of your old iPhone. Select "iCloud" and then touch "Storage & Backup" to access the backup settings.

Tap "Back Up Now" and wait for the message confirming the backup was completed successfully.

Turn on your new iPhone. Select "Restore from iCloud Backup" from the Set up your iPhone screen. Log in with your Apple email address and password and press "OK" to restore the contents of your old iPhone onto your new device.

Plug your old iPhone into a computer with iTunes installed using its USB cable.

Select "Devices" under the File menu and then press "Back Up" to access the backup settings in iTunes. Select your old iPhone from the list of devices available for backup and press "OK" to start backing up your content locally.

Disconnect your old iPhone from the computer and plug your new device into the same machine.

Click "Devices" under the File menu and select "Restore from Back up" to access the backup restore settings.

Click "Restore Backup" to start transferring your files into your new device. Wait for the message confirming the completion of the restore operation before disconnecting your iPhone.

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