How to Finalize the Copy of a DVD With a Power2Go

Finalize your multi-session DVDs in Power2Go to write-protect the discs.
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When using CyberLink’s Power2Go burning software to create multi-session data DVD copies, remember to finalize the discs when you burn the last session. Finalizing changes the DVD to a read-only disc, which is required for playback of the disc on most devices. The option to close the the disc for further editing is a bit elusive: it's hidden on the Options tab in the Settings and Information dialog box. You will not be prompted to finalize the disc, but rather you must remember to manually change the configuration in the application settings to close the session after you have transferred all of your data to the disc.

Press the "Windows" key, then type “Desktop Burning Gadget,” select the resulting item and press "Enter" to display the burning gadget on your desktop. Insert the DVD copy to finalize in the DVD burner.

Drag and drop the final files to burn onto the burning gadget.

Open the full Power2Go application when you are ready to finalize the disc.

Click the “Edit” option on the top navigation menu, then click “Preferences” to open the Settings and Information dialog box.

Click the “Burn Now” option to open the Preferences dialog box.

Click the “Options” tab to display burning options.

Click the “Close Disc” check box to enable the setting to finalize the disc after burning the last set of files.

Click the “Burn” button to burn and finalize the disc.

  • Information provided in this article applies to CyberLink Power2Go version 9. Instructions may vary slightly or significantly for other versions of the software.
  • Press the “Ctrl-I” to open the Settings and Information box without clicking the “Burn” button in the full Power2Go application.
  • You can also open the Power2Go Settings and Information dialog box by pressing the gear icon in the New Task window.

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