Duties of a Church Choir President

Big or small, the choir requires steady direction.
... Dan Kitwood/Getty Images News/Getty Images

A church choir brings an important element to religious worship. A good choir requires a strong leadership. The president of the church choir has many duties and obligations to ensure the success of the ensemble.

1 Training Choir Members

The choir president teaches, or finds someone else to teach, the choir members about the correct tone, pitch, song, genre, and more so they are prepared for services.

2 Representing the Church Choir

The church choir president also needs to represent the church choir in public relations. The president will have to attend fundraisers for the choir. He also appoints members to other positions in the choir and choir organization.

3 Handling Conflicts

The president of the church choir may have to handle internal conflicts between choir committees or members. If the conflicts cannot be resolved, the president also has the duty to suggest or enforce a dismissal of the officer or member.

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