Notifications on Facebook comprise a comprehensive picture of your interaction with other users on the site. Facebook displays alerts for your unread notifications, but if you want to re-read older notifications, there is no way for you to search your own older content as of January 2014. However, you can still look for older notifications on the website through your Facebook notifications page, or you can search your older posts on your Timeline to view notifications for a specific older post.

Step 1

Log in to your Facebook account and click the Notifications icon in the main menu. The icon resembles a graphic of a globe in silhouette, and may display a number, indicating the number of notifications you currently have.

Step 2

Scroll through the notifications to view older ones. You can view the last seven days of notifications. Facebook lists your notifications starting with the most recent, so the farther down you scroll, the older the notifications are.

Step 3

Select the "See All" link from the drop-down menu to visit your notifications page, which displays all of your notifications from the past seven days.

Step 4

Click your name in the menu to visit your Timeline, and then click the speech-bubble icon under each of your old posts to see the notifications for that post. You can scroll to the beginning of your Timeline, or you can click the year of the post you'd like to view in the sidebar. You can also click the "Likes" to see a pop-up list of all the users that liked a post or comment.


  • If your account is set up to receive email notifications, you can search for keywords in your past email and then click the link to the post in the email to see all the notifications for that status update.