How to Block Your Facebook for a While

Disable Facebook to avoid distractions during crunch times.
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Sometimes you may want to disappear from Facebook for a while, either to focus on other priorities or to revamp your Timeline without others looking in. The simplest way to vanish is to suspend your Facebook account -- no one will be able to browse your Timeline or send messages. However, this solution also means you won't be able to access your profile without re-activating it. If you want to block your Timeline while still having access yourself, you must go through the more complicated routine of changing your Timeline's privacy settings.

1 Suspend Entire Account

2 Click the gear icon

Click the gear icon on your Facebook toolbar and select "Account Settings."

3 Select the Security'' tab

Select the "Security" tab, and then click "Deactivate Your Account."

4 Select your reason

Select your reason for leaving from the list and click "Confirm."

5 Enter your Facebook password

Enter your Facebook password to confirm it's really you, and then click "Deactivate Now." Facebook suspends your account. No one can access your Timeline or send you messages. You also lose administrator privileges on any pages or groups you manage. However, you'll remain on other users' friends lists, and your friendships will be intact when you return.

6 Sign in to Facebook

Sign in to Facebook using the same username and password to reactivate your account.

7 Block Timeline Information

8 Click the gear icon-2

Click the gear icon on your Facebook toolbar and select "Privacy Settings."

9 Click Edit

Click "Edit" next to "Who can See Your Future Posts" and change the privacy setting to "Only Me."

10 Select the Timeline and Tagging tab

Select the "Timeline and Tagging" tab. Click "Edit" next to "Who Can Post on Your Timeline," and then change the privacy setting to "Only Me."

11 Browse to your Timeline page

Browse to your Timeline page and click the "About" tab.

12 Click the Pencil icon

Click the "Pencil" icon and select "Manage Sections." Clear all of the check boxes to hide the sections displayed on your Timeline, such as your favorite music and your likes, and then click "Save."

13 Hide your friends list

Hide your friends list, photos and About section information by clicking on the corresponding tab below your cover photo and editing the privacy settings of that section.

14 Change the privacy settings

Change the privacy settings of any older posts or updates on your Timeline if you want to hide them too.

15 Repeat the steps

Repeat the steps and reverse your changes when you are ready to unblock your Timeline information.

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