Man checking his watch.

Merriam-Webster defines dependability as “able to be trusted to do, or provide what is needed.” Dependability is a valuable character trait which can enhance or destroy work or personal relationships.

Examples of Dependability

A person who is considered dependable has several characteristics whether at home, work or in society. A dependable person may be counted on to do what he says. He is a rock for those around him, and he is emotionally stable. Others may trust he will be available when he's needed. For example, in marriage dependability, is a necessity. It helps create an emotional bond between a couple. A dependable spouse will make sure his partner has everything the relationship needs to stand secure. In business, a dependable person follows through. If he states he will complete a project by a certain deadline, he does it. If he has an appointment for a certain time, he is there on time or early. A dependable person also is reliable at home and work. He usually is undaunted in the face of obstacles, and perseveres to complete his commitments in the way and time to which he has agreed. People who fit the mold of dependability are people who succeed in their daily tasks and often excel in the workplace, in personal relationships and in school.