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Fashion designers design clothes, shoes and accessories for everyday consumers. Designers usually work for retailers and apparel manufacturers. Some are self-employed; others have rare chances to produce exclusive commissioned pieces. Designers typically work in a group producing design concepts, making sketches, manage production and analyzing fashion trends.


Fashion company studios or workshops are where fashion designers work. Many brand names companies are located in fashion-centric metropolis such as Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Rome and Tokyo.


Designers work however long it takes to meet production deadlines. There is no set work hours if you are self employed. Typically fashion designers work long hours during launches and fashion show seasons. They must adapt their hours to suit their clients’ needs.


Fashion designers spend a lot of time walking or standing. Those who make clothing samples spend more time at the sewing machines and cutting tables. Designers discern and feel material samples. At times they need to handle heavy loads and clothing racks.


Fashion designers are expected to travel. They frequently meet with their suppliers and manufacturers. Designers also attend trade shows to research the latest design trends and source fabrics.


Fashion designers in large companies usually receive health insurance, employees discount and paid travel. Self-employed designers must find insurance providers and arrange travel on their own.