Directions for Using Type to Learn 3

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Type To Learn 3 is educational software that aims to teach children how to type effectively, a vital skill in today’s world. The software aims to make using a keyboard feel completely natural to a child, while also teaching key language lessons such as correct punctuation, frequently misspelled words and word skills such as synonyms. It is designed to be easily added to a school curriculum and contains a variety of activities to keep children interested.

1 Set up a profile

Set up a profile for each child who will be using the software, as prompted when the software first loads. Create a category name, such as a class name, and add each child individually.

2 Log in with the child

Log in with the child by clicking the child’s name.

3 Click Lesson

Click “Lesson” to begin a lesson. There is 25 lessons for each school year. The lessons focus on a variety of issues such as the correct typing posture and hand positioning.

4 Work through the lesson

Work through the lesson until you reach a checkpoint. This requires the child to put into practise what he has learned. Once the activity is complete, a report on progress will be generated for the teacher to view at a later date. This will display information such as how many attempts the child needed and how fast and accurate his typing is.

5 Allow the child

Allow the child to select the exercises he wishes to complete by picking an option from the list on the right side of the screen. These options are only available when the lesson and checkpoint are completed. Each activity type must be completed at least once to progress.

6 Click Next Mission

Click “Next Mission” to progress on to the next lesson.

  • To change how the software works, log into the control panel. From here, you can set goals for each pupil, choose how often game breaks appear and add a final exam to the end of each lesson. You can also review each student's progress.

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