How to Rotate an Image in Open Office

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As with Microsoft Office, you have the ability to add photos and images to your projects for most OpenOffice applications. Impress, OpenOffice's presentation tool, and Draw, OpenOffice's graphical editor, are the only two applications in which you can change the rotation of an image. However, once you apply the new rotation, you can copy the rotated image to your clipboard and use it within Writer or other OpenOffice programs.

1 Rotating the Image

No matter which application you've used to start your project, you will need to use Impress or Draw in order to rotate your image. Add your image to the blank presentation or project by dragging and dropping the image from a browser window or by clicking "Insert" and selecting "Picture," then "From File" in the respective drop-down lists. Click on your image to select it and then use the Rotate icons in the drawing toolbar at the bottom of your page to apply a rotation in the desired direction. If needed, press "Ctrl-A" to highlight the image and then press "Ctrl-C" to copy it. Return to the application where you need to paste the rotated image, and then press "Ctrl-V" to paste it in your document.