How to Convert MHT to MP3

Extract an MP3 download link from an MHT Web archive file.
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An MHT file is a Microsoft MHTML Web archive file containing code pages, images and other media. You cannot directly convert an MHT file to the MP3 format, but if you simply want to obtain the MP3 audio clip, you do not need to convert the file. You can extract the original MP3 file from the MHT file.

1 What is an MHT File?

You may wonder how you ended up with an MHT file on your computer in the first place. You may have downloaded the MHT file when you attempted to download an MP3 audio clip. Instead of downloading the audio file, you downloaded an archived copy of the entire Web page. You can open the MHT file in a standard browser while connected to the Internet, then download the MP3 file from its original source -- just as if the original page were open in the browser.

2 MHT to MP3

View the MHT file by right-clicking on the file, then clicking “Open With.” Click the program option for your favorite Web browser. The MHT file opens in your browser. Right-click on the download link for the MP3. The browser context menu opens. Click “Open Link in New Tab,” “Open Link in New Window” or similar option to open the download link. The file download starts and the MP3 file is saved to your default download folder. Open your default download folder to locate the downloaded MP3 file. On Windows computers, the default folder is the Downloads folder.

3 View Source Code

You can also locate the download link for the MP3 file in the MHT file by opening the file in a browser, then viewing the page source code. Press “Ctrl-F” to open the Find and Replace tool, then type “mp3“ in the Find field to locate the URL to the MP3 file. Press “Ctrl-C” to copy the URL to your clipboard, then paste the URL in the address bar of your browser. Press “Enter” to open the download location for the MP3 file.

4 Browsers

All major browsers can open MHT files. If you use Internet Explorer 10, and the browser attempts to download and save rather than to open the MHT file, change the MHT file association in the browser settings. Click “Options” in the Tools menu, then click “Set Program Associations.” Click the check box in front of the “.MHT” option, then click “Save.” Some browsers may require installation of an add-on to open an MHT file.

5 Fun Fact

You can also use Microsoft Word to open MHT files. Right-click on the MHT file, then click “Open With.” Select Microsoft Word from the list of available programs.

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