How to Say "Beautiful" in Samoan

Samoa is full of life and a vibrant culture

Samoan is a beautiful language with a much shorter alphabet that the 26 letters of English. Similar to Hawaiian and other Polynesian languages, the Samoan people are full of life and their language is no different. Beauty is a large part of the Samoan culture. Here is how to say "beautiful" in Samoan.

Tell it like it is. It is actually easier than you think to say "beautiful" in Samoan. The spelling is different but the pronunciation is very much the same. The spelling of the word in Samoan is "biutiful" pronounced: bee-you-tea-full. Read on to see how to use the word for different meaning.

Tell a woman she's beautiful in Samoan: "Biutiful la lelei (pronounced: bee-you-tea-full la-lay-lay)." You'll make a Samoan woman blush.

Say something is beautiful in Samoan with "biutiful matagofie (pronounced: bee-you-tea-full ma-ta-go-fee)."