Signs He Loves Me

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There are certain signs a man is really in love with you, instead of just being infatuated and not really knowing who you are. True love is based on knowing your partner and accepting the whole package.

1 Being Together

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He likes just being with you doing nothing. He is happy to be with you and share the time together. He cares how you feel and wants to know what you think. Your opinion matters.

2 You Matter

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He gives you his full attention and is not attracted to other women. He is always doing things for you. He includes you in his plans, and wants his friends and family to meet you. He knows you're not perfect, but it doesn't seem to bother him much.

3 Willingness to Change

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He trusts you and respects the fact that you may not always agree with him. You may fight, but he is eager to work it out to make you happy. He's willing to do or try things you like, such as going to the ballet or eating strange foods. He starts talking about a future together.

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