How to Curl a Mustache Like Rollie Fingers

Rollie Fingers wore a handlebar mustache with curled ends.
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If blending in with the crowd doesn't interest you, but you aren’t quite ready to get a tatt or piercing, try a little Rollie Fingers action to set yourself apart. Rollie Fingers stood out in the crowd for his baseball stats and the way he styled his super-long stach by rolling it between his digits. While growing your mustache to handlebar lengths isn’t going to happen overnight, with some training your stache will soon be doing the horizontal slide.

Stand in front of a mirror and place a mustache brush in the center of your upper lip just under your nose. Pull the brush down to create a part in the middle of your mustache.

Hold the mustache hair on the right side of the part with one hand, and brush the hair on the left side of the part out to the left using the brush. Repeat the process two or three times to begin training the hair to grow in that direction.

Place the brush back in the center of your upper lip, hold the mustache hair on the left side of the part in place while you brush the other half of your mustache to the right side of your face two to three times.

Open a container of strong-hold mustache wax and dab your left hand's forefinger into the wax. Don’t scoop out a lot, as this product is fairly strong.

Rub the wax between your thumb and forefinger, then grasp the left side of your mustache 1 inch from the center of your face. Run your fingers out to the side until reaching the end of the mustache.

Dab your right hand's forefinger into the wax, rub the wax between your thumb and forefinger, and apply the wax to the other side of your mustache using the same method.

Hold a pencil at the end of one side of your mustache and wrap the mustache tip around the pencil once. Roll the pencil in an upward motion until reaching the center of your lip. Hold it there for five to 10 seconds and then hold the hair with one hand while you pull the pencil out.

Curl the other side of your mustache using the pencil to roll the hair up.

Finger style the mustache until it looks the way you would like. If you prefer a looser curl, simply smooth the mustache out a little with your fingers.

  • Don’t use softer mustache wax or any type of hair styling product to curl your mustache. These products are not strong enough to hold the curl in place.
  • It can take six to eight months to train a handlebar mustache properly.
  • Brush your mustache to the sides at least once per day to train it in the desired growth direction.

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