How to Get Pretty Curls That Don't Fall Out

Heated rollers add shine and smooth frizz for results that last longer than curling irons.
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Curly, voluminous hairstyles are highly coveted, particularly by those with finer locks that fall flat throughout the day. Curls do have a tendency to lose their shape quite quickly and can prove frustrating to maintain. The most long-lasting curls are created with the help of a classic styling tool -- this also happens to be the least time-consuming method. Create pretty, lush curls that won’t fall out until you brush them, or beyond, using a heated roller set.

Wash hair using a volumizing shampoo. Lather at the root and rinse completely. Volumized hair holds a curl better than soft hair.

Squeeze hair dry with a towel, and apply mousse from root to tip. A golf-ball-sized amount of mousse is enough for shoulder-length hair.

Blow dry hair on low heat. Use an aerated round brush to pull the hair away from the head as you blow dry.

Hold a heat-protecting spray 5 inches away from the head, and coat hair completely.

Allow the heat protectant to set in to hair for 5 minutes.

Plug the hot-roller set in, and allow it to heat up to the highest heat setting. Use jumbo hot rollers for volume and loose curl; use medium to small rollers for tight curls.

Section hair off into areas that are to be curled. Use ½-inch sections for tight ringlets, 1-inch sections for loose waves and 2-inch sections for big curls and volume. Pin the sections to your head using butterfly clips.

Unclip one section of hair, and spray it with a strong-hold hairspray. Use an aerosol-based spray for even coverage.

Place a curler halfway down the section, and wrap the hair around it before rolling it tight to your head. Pin in place with a clip. Roll toward the head for more volume and away from the head for a spiral effect. If rolled away from the face, pin the curler tightly to the head to keep it in place.

Repeat steps 8 and 9 until all sections have been rolled.

Spray all of the set rollers with hairspray, holding the can 10 inches away from the head.

Allow the rollers to cool completely. The longer they are permitted to set, the longer the curls will last.

Remove the rollers. Comb through curls with your fingers to loosen and separate them to your liking.

Apply a dime-size amount of anti-frizz serum to each curl to prevent humidity from altering the shape.

Spray the style with hairspray one last time, holding the can 10 inches from the scalp to set the look.

  • Roller sets can cause burns. Touch only the unheated sides of the rollers when hot, and allow the set to cool completely before putting it away.
  • Opt for mist-based hairsprays and heat protectants to avoid weighing down the hair. Any excess moisture and product can alter the hairstyle throughout.
  • For frizz-prone hair, choose satin-flocked rollers to smooth the cuticle more than plastic rollers.
  • If hair develops kinks from the roller clips, go over the area with a flat iron.

Celeigh O'Neil has been writing professionally since 2008. She has a Bachelor of fine arts from the University of Ottawa, as well as degrees in fashion illustration/design, digital arts and certification in hair and makeup artistry. O'Neil was a frequent contributor to Toronto's "Dialog" newspaper and has worked as an instructional writer, creating lessons in fashion, art and English for students of all ages.