Fans of big wavy hair often dream of the day when their natural look won't require daily dates with the curling iron. Those with textured hair need a bit of help to shape and define their waves, while straight hair thrives with the added volume. A pack of duck-bill hair clips, a classic salon tool, will set your hair into waves just as well as any iron. They secure hair tightly to smooth it out into a relaxed wave that lasts up to two days. Cancel on your curling iron and achieve natural waves with hair clips.

Step 1

Position the tail end of a rat tail comb at the center of your forehead. Drag it straight back over the crown of your head until it aligns with the top of your ears, to create a center part. Comb your hair as it falls naturally to the sides of the part. Pull half your hair over your left shoulder and the other half over your right shoulder.

Step 2

Divide the hair over your left and right shoulders into 1/2-inch-wide sections. Clip them to your head with duck-bill clips to keep them out of the way, leaving the one closest to the left side of your face down.

Step 3

Pick up the remaining section over your left shoulder at the tip and pull the end taut. Spritz it from root to tip with water from a spray bottle until damp.

Step 4

Place your index and middle finger from your right hand in front of the section, 1-inch down from the root. Use your left hand to wrap the section under, and around the two fingers tightly, directing it toward your head until you reach the tip.

Step 5

Grasp the wrapped hair with your left hand and remove your two fingers from the middle. Roll the hair the remainder of the way toward your head. Open a duck-bill clip and insert the top clamp through the middle of the curl, with the bottom clamp under the curl. Grasp the hair against your scalp with the bottom clamp and release it to secure the curl to your head. Remove the section of hair next to this one from its clip and repeat the process before using the clip to secure it to your head. Continue to wrap and clip each section, working your way from the left to right side of your head.

Step 6

Hold a can of strong hairspray 10 inches away from your head and coat your hair evenly while it is in the clips.

Step 7

Allow your hair to sit in the clips for 30 minutes. This gives it time to dry and set into the new shape.

Step 8

Remove the clips from your hair. Pick up a dime-sized amount of pomade between your fingertips and rub your palms together to distribute it. Grab your hair from the bottom and gently scrunch the ends toward your head. This adds texture and hold to the waves. Use matte pomade if you have oily hair and a lacquer-finish product to add shine to dry hair.