What Color Does Burgundy Go With?

Match burgundy properly with the help of a color wheel.
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When fashion designer Lauren Conrad embraced the color wheel as a wardrobe color-matching tool, she broke free from the grays and blacks in her closet and begin infusing more life into her ensembles. You, too, can use the color wheel to help you determine what color goes best with your favorite burgundy items of clothing.

1 Complementary Color

According to the complementary color selection method, colors directly across from burgundy -- in the red color family -- on the color wheel help intensify and complement your color scheme. Shades of green look best with your burgundy items. Turquoise complements lighter burgundy shades while hunter green complements darker burgundy shades.

2 Analogous Color

You can also follow the analogous color-selection method and choose colors adjacent to burgundy on the color wheel. Since burgundy is a dark color, it tends to overpower lighter shades. Match it with more vibrant shades of gold or dark pink for an instant wow factor.

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