How to Close an App in the Multitasking Bar of an iPad

Force-close apps from the Multitasking bar.
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The multitasking feature on iPads running iOS 7 allows you to quickly switch between apps and resume where you left off. It enables some apps to continue background tasks while you work with another app, though most apps on the Multitasking bar enter a suspended state to preserve battery life. If an app becomes unresponsive or continues to drain the battery, you can force it to close from the Multitasking bar.

1 Force-Closing an App

Double-clicking the Home button opens the Multitasking bar, which shows your list of opened apps, complete with a preview of the apps' screens. Swiping to the left or right scrolls through the comprehensive list. When you find the app you wish to force-close, swipe up on the preview to force the app to close. The app is then removed from the list, indicating the app was successfully closed.