Performing a factory reset on your Nortel phone can be an important troubleshooting step, helping you to solve configuration issues by returning all the phone's settings to their defaults. If the phone has frozen or is experiencing performance issues, performing a factory reset on your Nortel device may fix the problem. However, it is important to note that factory resetting your Nortel phone erases any custom settings from the device's memory. You will need to re-enter these settings if you want to continue using them after the reset.

Step 1

Press the “Services” key, then press the “Down” navigation key to view your phone's Ethernet Media Access Control address. Make a note of the address.

Step 2

Lift the phone's receiver and dial “73639[MAC Address]##”, where [MAC Address] is the MAC Address of your phone. Use the “2” key to enter the letters “A,” “B” and “C,” and the “3” key to enter “D,” “E” and “F,” if needed. For example, if your phone's MAC address was “00:17:B1:C3:19:32” you would enter “73639001721231932##”.

Step 3

Replace the receiver once you hear the reset confirmation tone.