How to Get Back a Lost High School Diploma

Lost your diploma since your graduation?

If you have lost your high school diploma and you need it to apply for a job or to work for an undergraduate degree, then you can get a copy of your diploma as well as transcripts. It's easy to misplace documents when moving for a job or going to college; and luckily, it is simple to get another copy of your diploma. It also is relatively inexpensive, so you also can request a copy of your high school diploma to use for display in your office or classroom.

1 Finding Your High School Address and Procedures

2 Contact your old high school or school district

Contact your old high school or school district to get a copy of your records. They are the only educational institutions that have a copy of your high school diploma and transcripts.

3 Search

Search on the internet for your school's address and phone number, if you have moved out of the area. To find the information, you can use the online Directory of Schools, which has high school information organized by state.

4 Call the high school

Call the high school or the district office to find out what to do for release of a copy of your diploma. Each school district will have a different policy. But generally, you will need to mail or fax a written request with your name, Social Security number, the address of place where you want your diploma sent, your signature, your graduation date, and the appropriate fee, if any.

5 Finding a Copy of Your Diploma if Your High School Has Closed

6 Contact the district office

Contact the district office and ask where the records of your high school are kept or how to get a copy of your diploma.

7 Determine students

Determine where students from your hometown are currently going to high school if your old school district has consolidated with another district. Contact that district to determine how to obtain a copy your diploma.

8 Contact your state department of education

Contact your state department of education, if necessary, to determine the appropriate school district or where you can find information about records of your high school.

9 Contact leaders of sponsoring organizations

Contact leaders of sponsoring organizations, if you attended a private high school that has closed. For example, if you attended a Catholic high school, contact the leaders of the diocese of your hometown. If another denomination operated your high school, contact local churches of that denomination to determine church leaders whom you can contact.