College transcripts, which show a student's academic record, are a necessity throughout life. You'll need a transcript to apply to graduate school or for other advanced educational opportunities, and sometimes employers will require one. The college registrar stamps a transcript to make it official; transcripts also may be sent sealed.

Determine whether you need an official or unofficial transcript. Unofficial transcripts can be obtained online through Morgan State's WebSIS website with your login and password.

Check with the Office of Records and Registration to make sure all tuition and fees owed to the university have been paid. Morgan State University will not release official transcripts if there is an outstanding balance on your student account.

Request transcripts in person at the Office of Records and Registration. The office is at Morgan State's Montebello Complex, Room A-112, 1700 E. Cold Springs Lane, Baltimore, MD 21251. Requests can also be made in writing. provided the student has signed the request. You'll need to provide identification, such as a driver's license.

Pay the transcript fee, if required. Morgan State does not charge for the first two mailed transcripts. There is a $5 fee for additional transcripts, including those picked up in person.

Check that the institutions you are having the transcripts mailed to have received the transcripts. If the transcripts have not been received after three to four weeks, call the Office of Records and Registration at (443) 885-3300.