Cheapest Place in France to Live

Paris is France's capitol and largest city.
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When people think of France, the first place that comes to mind is Paris, the largest metropolitan area in the country. Although many who dream of living in France often make Paris their first choice, there are dozens of other great cities that still offer the same European charm, beauty and culture that has caused the capital city to capture hearts.

1 Metz

The Temple Neuf in Metz.
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Metz, France, is in a perfect location. The city is only a few hours from Paris and has other neighboring cities that are perfect for day trips. In comparison to Paris, Metz is cheaper in terms of housing and food but a newcomer can still expect to pay high prices for clothing.

2 Versailles

charming Versailles France
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Versailles is a great place for people who want affordability coupled with small-town luxuries. The city has inexpensive boutiques and necessities like groceries or rent are some of the lowest in France. Versailles understands the importance of groceries, transportation, child care and housing, so city officials make sure residents have affordable options.

3 Montpellier

modern buildings in Montpellier
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Montpellier is beautiful, vibrant and busy. There are nearly 250,000 people in Montpellier and the city has a very large college and university population. The city’s affordability is due to its large demographic of students who need reasonably priced food, clothing and shelter as they complete their studies.

4 Nice

Nice is on the Mediterranean coast.
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Nice is expensive, but it’s the cheapest city on the French Riviera. Many Americans, in particular, are attracted to Nice and have made the French city their home, a trend that has broadened the English-speaking population there.

5 Considerations

begin studying French and continue after you arrive
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When relocating to France, individuals should also consider making plans to learn the language. Not being fluent in French can be one of the most difficult aspects of living in the country and the transition will be much smoother if a person has a good grasp of the language. The French government also requires newcomers to have a visa and proof that they can financially support themselves while living in the country.