How to Make Your Own Free Printable Puzzles

You can create your own printable puzzles cheaply.

Jigsaw puzzles are enjoyable activities to do with your family or students. They're even more fun when you create the puzzle on your own. Knowing how to create and print out your own puzzles gives you the opportunity to entertain without having to purchase a variety of different commercial puzzles. The materials needed are minimal and this project can either be done by yourself or with your students or children as a crafty activity.

Locate and select an image on your computer that you would like to turn into a jigsaw puzzle. For example it can be a family photo or a saved image of landscape. The choice is yours and the possibilities are virtually endless.

Open the image you have selected in a photo editing software or paint program. For example, a standard Windows program like Microsoft Paint is adequate to complete this task.

Select the paintbrush or pencil tool from the software's list of choices. Create a jigsaw design over the selected image by clicking and dragging your mouse along the surface of the image. Use the "undo" option if you mess up, and try again. Look at a picture of jigsaw pieces to help guide you in creating the designs. You can make large chunks or small ones.

Place a sheet of card stock paper into your printer's paper feeder area.

Select the print option on the image you have altered and allow it to print out on the card stock paper. From here you will be able to cut the picture apart with your scissors by following the jigsaw designs. The puzzle is complete and ready to be assembled for fun.

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