Your Activity Log on Facebook is a comprehensive list of all your stories, including those you've been tagged in and those you've created yourself. A story that appears in your Activity Log also appears on your Facebook Timeline unless you hide or delete the post or change the audience for that particular activity. If, when you add a new friend, the connection doesn't show up on your Timeline, the audience for your friends list could be set to "Only Me."

Step 1

Go to your Facebook Timeline and then click the "Friends" tab.

Step 2

Click the "Edit" button (the pencil icon) and click "Edit Privacy."

Step 3

Select "Public" or "Friends" from the "Friends List" drop-down menu. If you select "Public," your connections will be visible to everyone; if you select "Friends," your connections will be visible only to people in your friends list.

Step 4

Click "Close" to apply your changes.