How to Show Affection Without Seeming Clingy

Avoid pushing your date away with clutchy or clingy actions.
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You're finally in a real relationship and you can't keep away from your new love, but you don't want him to see you as clingy. What's a girl -- or guy -- to do? If you're looking for a way to show your affection, without super gluing yourself to your mate, you can still act loving without turning into his shadow.

1 It Begins

In the beginning of a relationship it's common to feel an initial rush of attraction or electricity. That may translate in your desire to show constant affection towards you new partner. Holding hands, putting your arm around your beau or cuddling up to him may all seem ideal ways to spend the majority of your day. Although your boyfriend may go along with this type of affection, overindulgence can quickly go from cute to clingy.

2 Digging Deeper

Affection and love aren't always synonymous with touching or physical actions. Building a sense of emotional closeness with your girlfriend can show your affection without having to cling to her. Instead of clinging to her like a second set of clothes, delve deeper into her mind. Ask her what her hopes and dreams are and share your own feelings as well. Show your support for her by cheering her along instead of following alongside of her.

3 Giving Gifts

Instead of clinging to your guy's side or smothering him with kisses, gift him with a symbol of your affection. While your boyfriend may certainly enjoy a brand new tablet or laptop, you don't have to break the bank on gifts to show him how much you care. Bring him a sandwich from his favorite sub shop during his lunch break from work, take him out to dinner -- instead of always letting him pay -- get him tickets to his favorite sporting event or choose a small bauble that he's sure to cherish to show him that you care without having to tether yourself to him.

4 Take a Note

You don't need a physical touch to show your love how much you care for her. Peel yourself away from her long enough for her to miss you. During your down time pen a handwritten note, compose a sweet email or send a loving text that displays your affection. Keep in mind that the point of this is to cut the clingy types of actions. That said, avoid sending multiple emails or texts at a time. While you're not technically with her, a steady stream of texts all day long may still seem clingy.

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