How to Tell If He's Falling in Love With You

Pay attention to how he treats you to know if he's in love.
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You may be falling in love with the guy you're dating, but when it comes to sussing out his feelings for you, it can be like hitting a brick wall. Does that lingering eye contact he gives you mean he's seriously smitten, or just trying to figure out how to break things off? Is he falling for you like you are for him? If you're lucky, he'll be bold enough to tell you, but more than likely he's as nervous as you are and you'll have to read between the lines of his words and actions to figure it out.

1 He Loves Spending Time with You

A guy who wants to spend time with you, not just when you made plans, but at unexpected times as well, is definitely into you. He'll call you up to do something at the most random times and he'll even ditch his friends occasionally for you. If he's falling in love with you, he'll be happy to do things that he's not interested in as well, like shopping, just to be around you. He'll genuinely give your favorite hobby his best shot if it means he can spend more time with you no matter how silly he looks.

2 He Listens To You

If a guy is falling for you, he wants to be there for you, support you and help in however way he can. He'll let you go on and on about that tough calculus class and surprise you by finding the most amazing tutor for you. If you are having a bad day, because he listened, he'll know that watching a marathon of your favorite childhood sitcom will make you feel better and he'll bring over a DVD set. When you need a shoulder to cry on, he'll be there, no matter what to make it better.

3 He's Affectionate in Public

A guy falling in love wants people to know that the two of you are together. He'll gladly and protectively hold your hand or put his arms around you in public. He'll brush the hair out of your eyes randomly when you are out at dinner and when you're at a party with a bunch of friends, he only has eyes for you. If he's not afraid to kiss you in front of his buddies, it's a pretty clear sign he's falling in love if he isn't already there.

4 He Tells Everyone About You

If your guy is telling everyone in his life about you, he's clearly proud to be with you, a sure sign of love. Perhaps he has told you that his mom is looking forward to meeting you, or that his friend wants the two of you to go on a double date with him and his girlfriend. When people start telling you how much he talks about you in a positive manner and seems to really light up when he does, take it as a sign that he's falling hard for you.

5 He Sees You in His Future

No sign is more clearer of a guy falling in love is if he can see you in his future and has verbalized that to you in some way. Perhaps he has started referring to the two of you as "us, " and "we." If he talks about plans months in advance, such as what "we're" going to wear to the senior prom, or inviting you to spend Thanksgiving with him and his family, even though it's only July, he's thinking long-term with you. If you casually mention something like, "if we ever get married," or "if we had kids one day," and he doesn't flinch or freak out, chances are he's in love and those thoughts have definitely crossed his mind.

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