Can More Than One Person Use Netflix?

Kids can have their own viewing recommendations using the profile feature.
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Netflix has a generous user policy that allows for six different devices to be authorized to play movies or TV shows with one paid account; however, this doesn't mean that six people can use Netflix at the same time. The number of people who can access one Netflix account depends on the kind of account plan you purchase.

1 Basic Plan Benefits

A basic Netflix streaming account allows two simultaneous streams from your six enabled devices. This means that two people can watch a movie or TV show on Netflix at the same time, on different devices in different locations, sharing a single account. If a college student living in a dorm and his parents share the same account, then they can both be watching different things at the same time. However, if both parents want to watch different shows on the account at the same time while their child is using the account, they will need to switch to the family plan.

2 Watching With the Family Plan

The family plan allows you to watch Netflix on six different devices, with four people watching different devices on it at the same time. According to the Netflix terms of service, the main account holder is responsible for the actions of everyone who uses the account.

3 Using Profiles

Netflix allows users to create five different profiles on one account. User Profiles detail past viewing history and recommend movies and TV shows that should fit the genre you are most interested in. This account splitting feature is helpful and available for both the basic plan and the family plan. You must be signed into your own user profile to have it register your past viewing choices. You also have the ability to pick which movies and TV shows you like to get a more accurate match on viewing recommendations.

4 Spanning the Globe

Netflix has different license rights to show content for each country. In its terms of use policy, Netflix states that there may be different content available for you to view depending on your geographic location. Netflix has technology that can determine what geographic location you are watching the service from. That means, if you are visiting England, you can watch something on one of your six licensed devices while a family member back at home in the United States can also watch something; however, your choices will be limited by your location, not your device.

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