Can You Lock the Notepad on an iPhone?

Third-party journaling and note apps can protect your information with passcodes.
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IOS 7 does not support password protection for the Notes app exclusively. Security lock features can only be applied to the entire phone. However, several third-party developers have released secure, password-protected note apps that can be downloaded from the App Store. These apps allow you to secure your notes with simple numerical passcodes, complex letter and symbol passwords and pattern gesture locks.

1 Day One

2 Purchase

Purchase, download and install the Day One software from the App Store on your iPhone. Day One was priced at $4.99 as of December 2013 (link in Resources).

3 Launch and tap the Settings

Launch Day One and tap the "Settings" menu option.

4 Switch Passcode'' on

Switch "Passcode" on. You are prompted to enter a new four-digit passcode.

5 Re-enter the passcode and tap

Re-enter the passcode and tap "Done."

6 IDo Notepad App

7 Download and install the free iDo Notepad App

Download and install the free iDo Notepad App from the App Store (link in Resources).

8 Launch the app

Launch the app and tap the "Settings" button.

9 Switch the Password Security feature on

Switch the Password Security feature on. Type in a custom password. Unlike Day One, you can use letters, numbers and digits to create a more secure password.

10 Retype your password

Retype your password in the Confirm Password field and tap "Save."

11 Note Lock

12 Install the Note Lock app

Purchase, download and install the Note Lock app from the App Store. It cost $1.99 as of November 2013 (link in Resources).

13 Launch Note Lock

Launch Note Lock and tap the "Settings" icon, which looks like a small gear.

14 Select Change Lock Type

Select "Change Lock Type" and choose "Pattern Lock."

15 Swipe a gesture

Swipe a gesture, connecting the nine dots that appear on screen. Repeat the gesture to confirm your pattern lock.

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