How to Do Braids With Ribbon

Bella Thorne sports a ribbon braid at JC Penney's 2013 launch in Beverly Hills.
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Don't let a basic braid fade into the background of your beauty -- trick out your tresses for a schoolgirl-style turned chic. Ribbon-encased plaits crowned the coifs of fashion-loving ladies from the 14th century and beyond, but this is no has-been hair -- even modern red-carpet celebrities bust out the ribbons-and-braids look for a cool, casual bohemian twist on a classic hairstyle. Keep your hair fashion fresh with a touch of the feminine by embellishing braids with ribbons.

Spritz dry hair with texturizing spray for a messy, modern braid, or work a pea-size dab of hair pomade through your hair for a smooth flyaway-free finish.

Part your hair down the center for evenly spaced milkmaid braids or on one side of your head for a single or uneven double braid.

Create ponytails to separate a hair section for each braid. For milkmaid braids, make identical ponytails on each side of a center part. Secure each ponytail with a temporary elastic band.

Remove the elastic band from a ponytail. Separate the ponytail into three strands of hair.

Knot a piece of ribbon onto the middle strand, close to the scalp. Treat the ribbon as part of the middle strand, but let it cover the top side of the hair so that the ribbon shows in the braid.

Pull the left strand over the middle strand to begin braiding. Pull the right strand over the new middle strand. Continue braiding in this pattern until you reach the hair ends.

Secure the braid end with an elastic band. Wrap and knot the remainder of the ribbon around the elastic to hide it.

Braid any other ponytails in the same manner. Spritz the style with flexible-hold hairspray.

  • Knot ribbons over the left and right strands of a ponytail for a different look.

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