Wrapping Hair at Night for Beginners

Wrap your hair at night to keep it straight as you like during the day.
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A sleek, straight hairstyle doesn't have to go to seed the second you step out of the salon -- instead, go head over heels for an overnight headwrap that'll leave your locks looking luscious come morning. Don't get devil-may-care with your hair -- relaxed or straightened styles can bend, frizz or fray with friction damage from sloppy sleep preparation. Take a little time to dress up your do before bed to start your day with drop-dead, gorgeous, ready-to-go glam.

  • Comb
  • Hairbrush
  • Large bobby pins
  • Silk headscarf

1 Dry Wrap

2 Part

Part your hair from the crown to the nape to create two hair sections.

3 Place a hairbrush

Place a hairbrush at the crown and brush the left hair section toward the left temple. Keep the section smooth along the side hairline.

4 Slide a bobby pin

Slide a bobby pin into the left hair section at the nape of the neck to hold it in place. Slide a second bobby pin into the hair right above the ear.

Brush the left section over the front hairline at your forehead in a clockwise direction. Slide a bobby pin into the hair once every 2 inches to keep the hair in place.

Incorporate the ends of the left hair section into the right hair section. Bobby pin the hair. Brush the right hair section along the perimeter of the right hairline and bobby pin it in place at the temple.

Brush the right hair section around to, and over, the nape, and continue to the left side of the head until you reach the ends. Bobby pin the hair every 2 inches.

Take your large silk head wrap or scarf and fold it diagonally to make a triangular shape. Place the long, folded edge at the hairline, and lay the rest of the triangle back over your head. Knot the adjacent ends over the point of the triangle, at the nape. Knot the ends again at the front hairline, if they are long enough.

Tuck any stray strands of hair under the scarf. Bobby pin the scarf in place if it does not feel secure enough.

  • Never use a cotton headscarf for sleep, as cotton absorbs moisture and can cause friction damage.
  • If you don't have the hang of silk-scarf tying, swap it out for a bonnet or silk pillowcase.

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