How to Do a Loop Ponytail

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Roller coasters are far more fun with a loop. The same goes for your hair. Add some spark to your average ponytail with a loop version. This simple style takes just about the same amount of time as your go-to ponytail. Dress it up for a school dance or wear it simply with a T-shirt and jeans, then be prepared to teach your admiring friends how to do one.

  • Hair Brush
  • Elastics

1 Brush your hair to remove tangles

Brush your hair to remove tangles.

2 Pull your hair into a ponytail

Pull your hair into a ponytail, which can be low, medium or high. Style the hair slicked back for a cleaner look or keep a part for a softer look. Tie the ponytail with an elastic.

3 Loosen the ponytail

Loosen the ponytail by wiggling the elastic down just a bit.

4 Part

Part the hair right above the elastic to create a hole through the center that is big enough to fit your ponytail through. If there is not enough space, use your fingers to create a wider hole by separating the hair and loosening the entire ponytail even more. Be gentle to ensure that you do not mess up the top section.

5 Pick up the ponytail and loop

Pick up the ponytail and loop it through the top of the hole. Pull the entire tail through the bottom.

6 Tighten the ponytail

Tighten the ponytail by parting the hair in half and tugging both sections apart, or leave the entire hairdo loose for a more relaxed look.

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