How to Become an Instructor for CCW Classes

Teach others to handle their concealed weapons responsibly.

In order to teach other people about carrying concealed weapons, you need to be well-versed in the subject yourself. If you have extensive experience with guns, up to and including a concealed carry weapons (CCW) permit of your own, you can get certified by the National Rifle Association to teach other people to do the same in your area. First, though, you’ll need to prove to the NRA that you are qualified to impart CCW-related wisdom.

Consider taking NRA classes relevant to concealed weapons carrying: the NRA Basic Pistol Certification; the NRA First Steps Course Certification; and the NRA’s Personal Protection Outside the Home class.

Register for the NRA Instructor Training Course in Personal Protection Outside the Home. You must complete the class and demonstrate thorough knowledge of the lessons in order to teach a CCW class. Besides learning the policies and procedures which you will impart to your future students, you and your classmates will also practice teaching the class to each other.

Demonstrate strong firearm safety and competency. You absolutely cannot teach a course on concealed weapons carrying without possessing significant skill and knowledge of guns yourself. Fill out pre-course questionnaires and perform qualification exercises as required during your instructor training course.

Attend the NRA class and receive your certification. At the end of the course, your instructor will evaluate your performance in several areas, including firearm competence and ability to teach. If your progress is rated positively, you’ll receive your certification to teach CCW classes.

  • You can also get certified as a CCW instructor by completing training and certification programs in your state. However, the NRA’s certification program applies universally and may lend you additional credibility when marketing yourself as a CCW instructor.
  • Read the “NRA Guide to the Basics of Personal Protection Outside the Home” in addition to taking the NRA course. Keep your own personal copy of the book at hand to review before you begin teaching your own classes, and consider taking the book with you so you can look up answers to any obscure questions you may be asked.