Your iPad's integrated camera offers a convenient way to capture photos without requiring an additional device, and any photos taken via your iPad are available for emailing without first requiring syncing. Although you may already be familiar with the Photo app's Share feature for automatically creating a new email with the photo attached, you can also add photos to emails you're currently drafting. When you attach a photo, the iPad embeds it in the email, so it's immediately displayed.

Step 1

Compose a new email in the Mail app.

Step 2

Tap and hold on the location where you want the photo to appear.

Step 3

Tap "Insert Photo or Video" to open the Photos dialog.

Step 4

Tap a photo library, such as "Camera Roll." Select an image and choose "Use." The photo is automatically added to the email.

Step 5

Finish composing your email and tap "Send" to send it.