Calculating an astrology chart by hand is always best. But even the most dedicated astrologer has lazy days. Thanks to computer programming, web sites and software, erecting an astrology birth chart is a snap. It's free too. Whatever method is used to calculate a birth chart, the same can be used to cast other types of charts. For example, you can use a free astrology chart service to draw up a horary chart if you're asking a question; en electional chart if you want to pick a favorable date for some undertaking; a synastry or composite chart to judge compatibility; or an even chart to analyze the birth of a non-human event. The calculations are the same. Once you've obtained an astrology horoscope, you can print it and/or save it. You can share it with others to be interpreted, or you can study it yourself. A free astrology chart calculation program or service is just a tool. If it comes with a "report," as they often do, don't take it seriously. Just have fun with it.

Obtain the complete birth chart details.

These are: name of local time and time zone; birth place; and month, date and year. If possible, get the longitude and latitude coordinates if born in a minor town or city. See "Resouces" for getting geographical coordinates.

If the event has yet to take place and you're going to be there - say for a birth - make sure you get the time right. Set your watch or clock to World Time Server or whatever is the official timekeeper where you live.

Verify birth data with family / witnesses.

Believe it or not, there have been cases where the birth certificates were actually off - in fact, 12 hours off to be exact. You never know if the nurse made a typo - AM or PM - or if it was a special occasion and everyone had had a few drinks.

Go to an online astrology web site with free chart services.

Pick an astrology web site that displays an actual chart wheel with horoscope glyphs. It should let you print the chart wheel as well. If you plan to share it in an astrology forum, it should also be able to save the chart as a picture file (JPEG or GIF, etc.) so you can upload it to the forum as a file attachment.

Try since it lets you do all this, plus it allows you to enter exact coordinates in case your birth place isn't in their atlas database. Also you don't have to register to use it.

Enter the birth data.

Double check everything. One mistake would throw everything off. If your birth place is not found, you must be ready to supply the name of the nearest major city you know of. Or you may hae the option to enter the exact coordinates.

The astrology web site will now process your data. After a few seconds, it will return a birth chart to you. You can save it or print it. If you're going to share it online, I recommend you save it as a picture file.

Download and install free astrology software for regular use.

If you're going to do birth charts often, it's better if you get a free astrology program installed. Astrology software have various features that online chart generators don't. You can check for transits, progressions, compatibility, aspects, planetary returns and more depending on what astrology program it is.

Some astrology software are listed below. All can be used free of charge.

Upload the image file to an astrology forum, blog or web site to share it.

To share the chart, simply upload it the way you would any other picture file. It's better to share data this way than to give a verbal (written) description of the chart. As with the computerized reports below, free readings shouldn't be taken too seriously.

Disregard the reports or save them as you wish.

Computerized reports are nearly always useless, but okay for entertainment and beginner study. If it comes with glyphs and names of the planets and signs, you can use it as an aid when learning to read charts yourself.


  • Summer Time is important. Don't forget it if it's applicable.

  • Do not share another person's birth data online without their permission. Horoscopes are private regardless of whether that person believes in astrology or not.



  • Always double-check your calculations, even if it's with a computer program.

  • If you can read glyphs, check for the obvious signs. The Sun can't be in the 4th house if you're calculating a day chart.

  • Leave out minor "planets," harmonics, asteroids and other obscure elements in the chart if you're just starting out. These are useless to the beginner. Even many experienced practitioners don't use them.

  • If you are a beginner, try to get a chart that includes an aspectarian (aspect table( so you can practice using it.