Air Force Basic Training Vaccines

Air Force Basic Training Vaccines

Air force recruits arriving at basic training should expect to quickly receive clothing, equipment, hair cuts and plenty of shots. With so many people living in close quarters, it is important that all personnel have the necessary vaccinations. Some vaccinations are given as a standard procedure of basic training, even if recruits has been previously vaccinated.


All personnel coming into basic training are given a vaccination against measles, mumps and rubella. This vaccination is given to everyone entering basic training, even if they have received it previously.

2 Tetanus-Diphtheria

A tetanus-diphtheria shot is given to all recruits entering basic training who do not have immunization records. Booster shots are given to recruits who do have immunization records. Booster shots are also given to Air Force personnel as needed throughout their military career.

3 Meningococcal and Polio

Meningococcal and polio vaccines are also administered to every recruit entering basic training. This vaccination defends against the serious bacterial infection known as meningococcus. These vaccinations are usually only administered once.

4 Flu Shots

Air force recruits receive a flu shot upon entering basic training only if they do so during the October to March flu season. Military members will also receive a flu shot every year at the beginning of flu season.

5 Adenovirus

Air force recruits will be given the adenovirus Type 4 and 7 vaccination only if the virus is found to be active. This vaccination protects against certain respiratory diseases.

6 Other Possible Vaccinations

Air force recruits can expect to receive the vaccinations discussed here upon entering basic training. Other vaccinations may be administered as needed throughout your military career. Alert forces and traveling personnel may be given additional vaccinations. Some vaccinations are required before an individual is allowed to enter a specific country.

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