How to Add a Photo Gallery in Tumblr

Use your photo gallery on your Tumblr to present the special moments you want to share.
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If you've just gone on a trip or have gone to an event and you've taken a load of photos, you may want to share them on your Tumblr account. While you could paste the photos one by one onto your blog, this is tedious and often doesn't produce the look or feel you want your blog to achieve. Instead of dumping your photos on your page, you can make a photo gallery and share your special moments in a more organized form.

1 Post Multiple Pictures Directly To Tumblr

2 Log in to your Tumblr account

Log in to your Tumblr account, and click "Posts" in your Dashboard.

3 Click Photo

Click "Photo" and click on the camera with the plus sign. A file browser will appear in which you can choose up to 10 photos to include in your post. Click "Open" to upload the files.

4 Click Post

Click "Post" to post the photos immediately, or click on the down arrow to choose when the photos will be posted.

5 Cincospa

6 Navigate to the Cincospa website

Navigate to the Cincospa website and create an account. Once you've created an account, go back to the home page and click "Start Now."

7 Click Photos

Click "Photos" to select your media type and hover your mouse over the skin of the photo gallery you want to use. Choose your gallery based on how you want your photos to be viewed. For example, some of the galleries have rotating photos, while others are blocks of photos. Click "Use This Skin."

8 Enter a name

Enter a name for your photo gallery in the Gallery Name text field. You can customize the size of your skin using the Width and Height fields. If you want to customize your skin further, click on the "Advanced" tab and choose your settings. When you're happy with your skin, click "Save and Continue."

9 Upload the files

Upload the files of the photos you want to include in your gallery. You can drag and drop the photos into the box labeled "Drag And Drop Files Here" or you can upload the photos one at a time by clicking on the "Choose File(s)" button and navigating to their location on your computer.

10 Give the photos captions

Give the photos captions, tags and descriptions. Then click "Continue."

11 Click Continue'' again

Click "Continue" again, or add captions and descriptions to your photos, as the program will give you another chance to do so, and then click "Continue."

12 Click on HTML Embed

Click on "HTML Embed" to get the code to paste on your Tumblr and click "Copy."

13 Log in to your Tumblr account

Log in to your Tumblr account. Click "Customize" from your Dashboard.

14 Click Edit HTML

Click "Edit HTML" under Custom Theme and paste your code in the <body> of your HTML code. For example, your Tumblr code may look something like:

15 Code

<body> <Code copied from Cincospa for your photo gallery> <Code already existing in the body from Tumblr> </body>

16 Click Update Preview

Click "Update Preview" and then click "Save."

17 Photovisi

18 Navigate to Photovisi's website

Navigate to Photovisi's website, and click on "Start Creating."

19 Click on the template

Click on the template you want to use for your photo collage. Click on "Add Photos" and choose "Add photos from your computer."

20 Navigate

Navigate to the photos you want to use in the file browser, click on the photos and click "Open."

21 Click Finish .''

Click "Finish." In the window that displays, choose the dimensions you want your collage to be and click "Continue."

22 Click Click here to download this collage

Click "Click here to download this collage" and then click "Email collage to friends." Enter your name and your email address in the form.

23 Open the email account

Open the email account to which you sent the collage, and open the specific email.

24 Click on the link in the email

Click on the link in the email, scroll to the collage in the Web page, right click on the photo and save it to your computer.

25 Go to your Tumblr blog

Go to your Tumblr blog, log in, and click "Posts" on your Dashboard.

26 Click Photo-2

Click "Photo" and click on the camera with the plus sign. In the file browser that launches, navigate to your collage, select it and click "Open" to upload the files.

27 Click Post-2

Click "Post" to post the photos immediately, or click on the down arrow to choose when the photos will be posted.

  • Your files must be in a JPG, GIF, PNG, or BMP and less than 10MB.
  • You can also post photo galleries directly to a page within your Tumblr by logging in, clicking on "Customize," scrolling to the blog page on which you want the photos to appear, clicking on the name of that page and clicking on the camera in the posting form. Choose the pictures you want to upload as a gallery, and click "Open." Once you have the photos laid out in the way you want, click "Update Preview" and then "Save."

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