Church Retreats: Fun Things to Do

Creating bonds at church retreats helps churches run more smoothly.

Coordinated by churches to strengthen the bonds between members and grow their faith, church retreats also provide an outlet of relaxation and fun for those who attend. In addition to the speakers, study groups, and prayer activities that are often a part of these events, it is important that church members have opportunities to connect with one another while doing activities that are fun. Leaders who organize church retreats can use a variety of games to create a joyful atmosphere for attendees.

1 Toilet Paper Game (Icebreaker)

Icebreaker games are a fun way to start a church retreat. These games can create a feeling of connection and camaraderie among participants. Divide retreat attendees into groups of no more than six people. Pass out a roll of toilet paper and ask each person to take at least four and no more than ten squares. Instruct each person in the group to share a fact about herself for each square of paper she has taken. Half of these facts should be associated with the person's faith and Christian walk, at least one fact should be an interesting fact about the person, and at least one fact should be about the person’s family.

2 Our Experience Binds Us (Game)

"Our Experience Binds Us" allows church members to share their experiences and recognize that there are others who have had similar experiences. Church members line up on one side of the room and a pastor or church leader on the other. The leader will have a list of things people experience. The list can be both silly and serious. After the leader reads an item off the list, church members who have experienced the item will go and join the pastor. Allow time after the game so church members can talk and bond with one another.

3 Church Retreat Talent Show

Organizing a church retreat talent show provides an outlet for creative church members to showcase their special gifts. Those who participate should display talents that have a Christian theme. For example, a young person may recite a passage of Scripture. Another person may present a short skit that celebrates the martyrs. A church member may sing a song by a contemporary Christian band.

4 Hymn and Christian Music Sing

Music is an important part of many churches. Church members at a retreat may enjoy a few hours of singing hymns and other kinds of Christian music. The coordinators of the retreat should provide enough hymn books for everyone. The singing activities can take place indoors or outdoors. Make drinks and refreshments available to participants. Request church members to bring musical instruments to accompany the singing.

Alexandra Wright is a freelance writer and professional educator. She has taught English as a second language and has experience teaching English at the elementary, secondary and university levels. Wright holds a Master of Arts in English literature.