Tablets are convenient and portable, but the smaller screens can make some text and images hard to see. All tablets provide ways of zooming, although you may find yourself scrolling down and swiping around more often to view pages. The exact method you have to use to zoom in and out depends on your tablet model, but there are generally three ways to do so.

Zoom Icons

When you place your finger on the screen, an icon with a plus and minus sign appears in the bottom corner. Tap the "Plus" side of the icon to zoom in, and tap the "Minus" side to zoom out. The amount of zooming that occurs with each tap is preset, but some tablets allow you to change it in the device's settings.


The Pinch allows you to quickly zoom to the exact level you need. Just place your index and thumb about a half an inch apart on the screen and slide them apart to zoom in. Slide your fingers back together to zoom out.


Many tablets allow you to tap the screen twice in rapid succession to zoom in. As with the zoom icon, the zoom level is preset. This method allows you to zoom in quickly, but you must perform the "reverse pinch" move to zoom back out.

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