Like most apps on the Apple iPhone, you can zoom in and out on Google apps as well as Google pages on an iPhone Web browser like Safari. In most cases you can zoom in and out with a pinching motion on the iPhone's touchscreen. However, the iOS zoom function doesn't work in all circumstances, since some content doesn't allow for zooming. If there are buttons or notifications on the app, attempting to zoom may in some cases change the app if your fingers accidentally stray from the zoomable content.

Zooming in and Out

To zoom in on a Google page in Safari or on a Google app, hold your thumb and forefinger together on the screen and then drag them apart in a reverse pinching motion. To zoom back out, drag your fingers together as if you were pinching the screen. Double-tapping the screen on any place where there is not a link will automatically return the screen to its normal size and resolution.

Zooming Issues on Google Apps

Some apps, including Google Plus, don't always allow for zooming. For example if you are looking at your News Feed, you won't be able to zoom in or out. However, if you tap on a picture to open it, you can zoom in and out of the picture within the app. On apps like Google Maps, zooming in and out can be very difficult because of the iPhone's small screen and the number of menus and buttons on the screen. A stray finger could result in changing the map orientation or even change your driving directions.