How to Use Multi-Gesture on Acer Computers

Multitouch gestures allow for a greater variety of commands.
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"Multi-gesture" on Acer computers can refer to one of two elements. Some Acer laptop touchpads have a multitouch gesture feature, while some Acer computers offer multitouch touchscreens. The gestures are similar for both types, but you may need to enable your multitouch gesture touchpad if gestures aren't working.

1 Enable Touchpad Gestures

Open your computer's Control Panel and type "Mouse" into the search box. Select the "Change Mouse Settings" option. Navigate to the "Multitouch Gestures" tab and place a check mark next to the gestures you want to enable. When finished, click "Apply" and "OK."

2 Compatible Gestures

According to Acer's website, there are only four touch gestures and all work on both multitouch touchscreens and trackpads. To scroll, place two fingers on the screen or pad and move them up or down. For the rotation gesture, place two fingers on the touch surface and rotate them in a circular motion, as if you were tightening a screw. Zoom by placing two fingers on the touch surface and moving your fingers together or apart. For flicking through photos, place two fingers on the touch surface and flick them horizontally.

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