Women's Christian Ice Breaker Activities

Proverbs from the Bible are used in some Christian ice breaker games.

Gatherings of Christian women, who are often looking to make friends with individuals of the same faith, can benefit from ice breakers. These ice breakers help introduce women to one another, promote a feeling of Christian unity and help women begin to learn about other individuals in the group. Many fun activities are available that focus on Christian notions such as life blessings.

1 Blessings

The "I Am Blessed" Christian ice breaker game, suggested by the website Any Occasion Free Christian Game, has women discuss the blessings that they have received from God. An easy way to begin this ice breaker activity is to refer to a Bible passage mentioning blessings, such as Deuteronomy 28:2, which states that "all these blessings shall come on thee, and overtake thee." Write "I am blessed because" on a white board or piece of paper and allow each woman in the group to complete the phrase. Then read all the blessings together.

2 Proverbs 31

The website Any Occasion Free Christian Game suggests the Proverbs 31 ice breaker activity for women. The Bible states that a Proverbs 31 woman supports and respects her husband, is wise in business and finances, maintains physical fitness, has compassion for the less fortunate and many other characteristics. Read Proverbs chapter 31 as a group and have each woman take turns stating the qualities that make her a good Proverbs 31 woman.

3 Two Truths and a Lie

This is a classic ice breaker activity that can be given a Christian spin. Gather the women in a comfortable place, such as sitting in a circle, and instruct each women to prepare three statements, one which is a lie and two which are true. These can be blessings or facts such as "I became Christian in the year 1990." Each person must say each statement to the group so that the other women can try to determine which statement is false. The group must come to a decision together before the current player reveals the truth.

4 In the Bag

A fun, lighthearted ice breaker activity for Christian women is a game called "In the Bag," suggested on the Julia Bettencourt website. The leader of the group should fill a purse with a variety of items, such as keys, a cell phone, coins, nail polish, dental floss and religious items such as a cross or miniature version of the Bible. Each woman is given the opportunity to place her hand in the purse for 10 or 15 seconds and, when the time is up, writes down as many items as she can remember feeling. The woman who remembers the most items wins a prize, such as a special edition of the Bible or a gift certificate.