Fun Group Games for a Christian Women's Retreat

A women's retreat is a time for the women of the church to get together without their husbands, children and stress. They meet to laugh, learn and grow together. Often times, women's retreats involve several churches meeting together, which means many of the women do not know each other. The use of ice breaker games helps relax the women, create new friendships and great memories of the retreat.

1 Similarities

To prepare for this game, punch holes in the top right corner of index cards. You will need 15 per retreat attendee. Thread ribbon through each set of 15 cards and tie it off to create a ring. As each woman arrives at the retreat, give her a set of these cards with her welcome materials. When it is time to play, explain that they need to take the set of cards and go around and introduce themselves to 15 women they do not know very well or never met at all. They should write down the other person’s name and talk to the attendee until they find something they both have in common. It could be a birth month, a college major, eye color or anything else the two women find they share. This game will allow some great conversations to start and new friendships to be formed, as common ground is the basis of any friendship.

2 The Shoe Game

Each person takes off a shoe and throws it in a pile, continuing to wear the other shoe. When instructed, the women all grab shoes from the pile and then hobble around the room with one shoe on, trying to find the owners of the shoes they grabbed. When the owner of each shoe is found, the women introduce themselves and ask them a few questions (suggested questions are: “What is your favorite hymn?” and “What is your life verse?”).

In a smaller group of women, the women can take turns introducing their shoe partners to the group. End the game by reminding the women of the Bible verse I Peter 2:21, “To this you were called, because Christ suffered for you, leaving you an example, that you should follow in his steps.” Although every woman there will likely have on different shoes, all of their steps should be headed in the same direction.

3 Pajama Pageant

This game involves the women being prepared ahead of time. When they register for the retreat, ask that each women pack their most fun pajamas, robes and slippers. In the evening, instruct all the women to dress for bed and then meet back for one more event before sleep. Explain that they are going to put on a pajama beauty pageant, complete with facial masks and crazy hair. Have each woman team up with an attendee she does not know well and apply facial masks to each other. They can also do each other's hair with crazy ponytails or braids. Be sure to have plenty of hair ties available for the women to choose from. The women can than parade in front of the group a few at a time showing of their sleepy styles, from flannel pajamas to Mickey Mouse slippers. Be sure to have them pose for pictures. It will give everyone a good laugh, and it is also a good reminder that true beauty comes from within.

R.J. Bowman has a Bachelor's degree in accounting with a minor in English from Pensacola Christian College. After college, she taught English to seventh graders until becoming a mom. At that time, she found freelance writing to be a great way to keep her writing skills sharp.