Fun Activities for Meetings for Christian Women

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When Christian women get together, they share fellowship and can enjoy their time together. Beyond chatting and reading the Bible, women can enjoy playing games as well. The games can vary depending on the meeting and its purpose, such as icebreaker games for a meeting with new women or mother-daughter games for family-themed get-togethers.

1 Get Acquainted Shoes

As an activity to get to know each other, have women take off one shoe while entering the room. Then have them each pick up one shoe that is not theirs. They must then find the owner of that shoe. To get her shoe back, the owner of the shoe must tell the woman holding her shoe three things about herself that are not common knowledge, such as her favorite food or favorite color. The two women discuss themselves and get to know each other during the activity. When all of the women have their matching shoes back, open the floor for a discussion of the information women found out about each other.

2 Bible Role Questions

The Bible includes many women, such as Ruth, Esther and Mary, who show courage and follow God’s will despite trying or dangerous situations. A woman’s group can study the women of the Bible and discuss the women's respective predicaments. For example, the leader of the group should first talk about a chosen woman, such as Ruth or Esther, and tell her situation to the group. She should then explain the choices the chosen woman made. Open up a discussion about the woman and what each woman in the group would do if faced with the same situation. For example, Ruth was told to marry a man she did not love, and she followed the will of her family matriarch and did as she was told. Ask the women in the group if they would do the same and why or why not.

3 How Well Do You Know Mother/Daughter Game

For a competitive and interesting game for a mother and daughter meeting, pair up three or four teams of mothers and daughters with the rest of the women. Give them a chalkboard or whiteboard with a writing instrument. Ask questions of the women, such as, “What is your daughter’s favorite color?” To incorporate the Bible, ask about favorite Bible verses or books of the Bible or favorite Christian songs. When the question is about a daughter, the mother writes the answer; if the question is about the mother, the daughter writes the answer. The leader of the group asks the woman in the pair who did not write the answer what her answer is. For example, if asking about favorite colors, the leader would ask the daughter to find out the answer. The daughter would answer, saying “blue” or “green,” for example. The mother in the pair then shows what she wrote. If she has the correct answer, the team gets a point.

4 Leading the Blind Activity

A woman’s Christian group can illustrate trusting God to handle any situation by starting a "leading the blind" activity. Pair the women in teams of two. One should be blindfolded while the other must lead her to a preselected area, such as a tree or a specific object. The path to the preselected area is best strewn with obstacles, such as toys or plants, that prevent a straight, direct walk. The women walk to the object with the blindfolded woman, carefully listening to and following the guidance and directions given by the guide. If she does not follow the guidance, she will trip or run into an obstacle. When the women regroup, the leader should explain that God will always help lead the blind to the right path to reach a goal, even when we do not know God’s goals or purposes.