Get to Know You Games for Christian Women

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Christian women sometimes gather for events that allow them to encourage and uplift one another spiritually and emotionally. These gatherings can be small home groups or large events such as retreats. Having some games for the women to help get to know one another can break the ice and kick off the event in an upbeat way.

1 Five Questions

In this game, each woman asks another five predetermined questions designed to encourage her to talk about herself and reveal pieces of her personality. These can include questions or statements such as “What was your worst moment in cooking and what happened?,” “If you could be any kind of plant, which one would you be and why?,” “Tell me about your dream job,” “What do you to do relax?” and “What do you do in your spare time?” These questions can be written on slips of paper and drawn out of a container to add mystery to the game.

2 Circle Toss

Have the women sit in a circle and toss a small soft object, such as a stuffed animal, to each other. Whoever catches it states a fact about her life outside of church involvement. When the woman is done sharing, she tosses the object to another participant. If you don't feel comfortable tossing an object, it can be passed from person to person instead. For those who are uncomfortable sharing details about their personal life, tell them that they can share a bit about their favorite recipe.

3 Object Bonanza

Place a number of small objects, at least as many as participants, on a table in the front of the room. Instruct each woman to pick up an object that reflects an active area of her life. For example, a writer could pick up a pen, a stay-at-home mom may pick up a small car, a lawyer may pick up a pad of sticky notes, and a sports coach may pick up a ball. Have the women take turns sharing why the object reminds them of their life.

4 Fantastic Fabric

Lay out samples of fabrics on a table or mixed up in a container. Have each woman pick out a fabric sample. If they are mixed up in a container, have the women take turns picking one. Each woman then writes on a note card how the piece of fabric applies to her life and then share what she has written. For example, if she picked up a rough piece of burgundy corduroy, she may share a childhood Christmas memory. A woman who picked out a piece of gold satin may talk about how she won a contest that was important to her.

Misty S. Bledsoe has been writing since 1995. She specializes in writing about religion, technology and solar concepts, and her articles appear on various websites. She holds a Bachelor of Science in information technology from American Intercontinental University.