What Is the Meaning of Silver Anniversary?

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If you are approaching your 25th wedding anniversary, then you soon will be celebrating your silver anniversary. The 25th wedding anniversary is a milestone event in a couple's life and should be marked with an appropriate celebration surrounded by loved ones--or a romantic occasion for just the two of you. The silver anniversary has special meaning and symbolism, which helps in planning a party or picking out a memorable gift.

1 Origins

Connecting silver to the 25th wedding anniversary may have originated in Middle Europe, specifically in the Germanic region, according to Hallmark's website. Traditionally, a husband would give his wife a silver garland marking 25 years. The silver symbolized the "harmony" that people believed a couple needed to sustain a marriage for such a long period of time.

2 Traditional Gifts

The Happy Anniversary website lists silver jewelry, flatware, vases, mirrors and photo frames as ideas for traditional gifts. In general, a traditional silver anniversary gift is one that is made of sterling silver. For a woman, consider buying a sterling silver ring, a sterling silver charm bracelet with several sentimental silver charms or a silver pendant necklace. For a man, consider buying sterling silver cuff links or a silver photo frame with a photo of the two of you or your extended family.

3 Vacations

Some couples mark their 25th wedding anniversary with a vacation. This is a substantial, sometimes grand expenditure, which is why some couples wait until 25 years together to make a big trip. A partner wanting to surprise a spouse with a creative trip might choose a location that has "silver" in the name of the locale. An example is a trip to tour coastal Connecticut with a stop in Silver Sands State Park, a trip to Lake Superior and Silver Bay in Minnesota, Silver Beach in Michigan or Silver Strand State Beach on Coronado Island near San Diego.

4 Renewing Vows

Some couples decide to renew their vows during a church or more informal ceremony. You can renew your vows for any wedding anniversary, but the 25th anniversary marks a milestone year that some couples choose to acknowledge by reaffirming their commitment to each other.

5 Party Ideas

If your parents or close friends are celebrating a silver anniversary, then consider hosting a party. Invite family and friends who are close to the couple, and ask them to bring a memory or a few words of congratulations that they can read at the party. Display a cake with silver frosting and edible silver embellishments. Reserve part of the evening for friends and family members to share specifics they have learned from the couple and show a photo slideshow that displays photos of the couple through the years.

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