How to Wake Up With Pretty Bangs

Wake up to voluminous and smooth bangs by setting them overnight.
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When it comes to beauty blunders, not many situations rival the frustration of going to sleep after a great hair day and waking up with a cowlick-laden mess. Those with bangs will find this situation most familiar, as the brow-skimming style that can be your best friend one day can easily become your enemy the next. Such short layers lose their shape more quickly than longer locks and can require a wash before the rest of your hair shows signs of wear. Take the guesswork out of your morning routine and add another good hair day to the mix with a simple nightly routine.

Brush your bangs from root to tip to remove any build up or product that could alter their shape overnight.

Spritz the roots of your bangs with dry shampoo to add volume and help to absorb any oils that may be produced while you sleep. If you have light colored hair, use a regular dry shampoo. Opt for a clear formula if you have dark hair.

Wrap your bangs around a self-adhesive roller. Choose a small roller for short bangs, and a larger roller for long blunt or side swept bangs.

Place a duck clip over the middle of the bangs and roller to keep them in place. Duck clips are available at most beauty supply stores and keep hair in place without causing creases.

Remove the clip and roller when you wake up.

Brush through your bangs until they settle to the desired level of volume. They may be larger at first due to the roller, but will fall once brushed.

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