Fine or thick hair that is too heavy towards the scalp has a tendency to fall flat quickly throughout the day. Product buildup and natural oils play a large part in flat hair, but it is possible to achieve a bouncy style that lasts. It all starts with the way you wash your hair and the products you use along the way. Make some changes to your daily styling routine to master a long-lasting voluminous look.

Step 1

Wash your hair with a volumizing shampoo. Lather at the nape of the neck and work your way up to your scalp to remove all build up. Rinse thoroughly.

Step 2

Condition the ends of your hair with a light conditioner and rinse thoroughly. Even fine hair needs conditioning to maintain a healthy appearance.

Step 3

Squeeze the ends of your hair dry and work in a golf ball-sized amount of mousse from root to tip.

Step 4

Comb your hair using a wide-toothed comb to evenly distribute the mousse.

Step 5

Blow dry your hair upside down, while aiming the nozzle at the root until 90% dry.

Step 6

Stand up straight. Pull a large round brush through 2-inch sections of hair while aiming the blow dryer at the brush. Continue until all your hair has been sectioned.

Step 7

Set each section in a 2- or 3-inch self-adhesive roller once dry, yet while still warm from the dryer.

Step 8

Hold a can of volumizing hairspray 10 inches from your head and evenly spritz the rolled hair.

Step 9

Allow your hair to cool and remove the rollers.

Step 10

Gently comb through your hair with your fingers.

Step 11

Lift up any flat sections and spritz them at the root with dry shampoo for added lift. Repeat this step whenever necessary throughout the day.