Freshly washed hair is typically shiny, soft and easiest to run your fingers through. These qualities are ideal if you are going for a sleek look, but they tend to work against you if a voluminous style is preferred. Naturally smooth hair requires a bit of texture and grit in order to achieve volume. This is easiest on locks that haven’t been washed for a day or so, but it is possible to add bounce and life to your hair immediately after washing by introducing some subtle techniques to your routine.

Step 1

Towel dry hair gently and apply a volumizing mousse from the root to mid lengths. A golf ball size amount is sufficient for shoulder length hair.

Step 2

Comb through the hair with a wide-toothed comb to evenly disperse the product and remove any knots.

Step 3

Blow dry the hair while brushing with a large barreled round brush from underneath. Use medium heat and direct the blow dryer at the root. Continue until the hair is completely dry.

Step 4

Roll hair in jumbo cloth-grip rollers while still hot. Use 2-inch sections of hair and clip them tight to your head with hair clips.

Step 5

Spray your entire head with a volumizing hairspray and allow it to set until completely cool.

Step 6

Remove the rollers from your hair and gently brush through with your fingers to loosen any curls.

Step 7

Lift 1-inch sections of hair, and spritz with dry shampoo at the root. Massage the product in using your fingertips.

Step 8

Lift the hair directly at the crown, and backcomb by gently brushing the hair toward the scalp from underneath with a teasing comb. Focus on the root for natural looking lift.

Step 9

Spray your hair once more with volumizing hairspray to set the look. Hold the can 5 inches away and coat the hair evenly.