A high ponytail shows off your hair's natural volume while keeping it off your face as you take on the day. Traditional hair elastics can make it difficult to achieve a lasting pony, as they tend to weigh hair down. Clincher combs are a clever alternative. Their lightweight plastic teeth pull hair into place from all sides, while giving your hair an extra boost of volume at the root. Toss those unruly elastics and reach for clincher combs for your next updo.

Step 1

Brush your hair from root to tip with a paddle brush to remove any knots. Clincher combs get caught on tangled hair and cause breakage if hair is not smooth. Begin with hair that is completely dry.

Step 2

Open the comb by pulling apart the toothed halves of the comb until the hinge catches.

Step 3

Flip your head forward and pull all your hair over your face so that it is off your neck. Put the comb around your neck, with the teeth of the combs facing the front. Sit up and pull your hair over the back of your neck and the comb.

Step 4

Grab one end of the comb with each hand. Pull them straight up along the back of your head, gathering all your hair between the prongs as you go. Stop when you are level with the top of your ears.

Step 5

Pull the sides of the comb toward each other again, gathering all your hair between them. Clip the sides of the comb back into place in their original position to capture your hair.