How to Texturize Bangs With Scissors

Texturizing gives bangs a more natural look.
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Adding bangs to your hair is one way to dramatically change your whole style with just a few snips of the scissors. To keep bangs from appearing too harsh or blunt, texturizing them. Texturizing is the process of cutting irregular edges along the ends of the bangs so they blend in better with the surrounding hair. You can achieve the look using special texturizing scissors available at beauty supply stores.

Sit or stand in front of a mirror. Grasp all your hair, other than your bangs, and pull it back away from your face. Twist the hair up on top of your head and secure it using a hair clip.

Comb your bangs thoroughly until they hang straight down. If you have wavy or curly bangs, wet them using a spray bottle of water to remove the curl.

Gather a 1/2-inch section of bangs from the left side of your head and hold it between the first finger and the middle finger of your nondominant hand. Slide your fingers down until only 1/4 inch of hair remains below them.

Pick up a pair of texturing scissors in your dominate hand. Texturizing scissors have teeth on only one blade. It does not matter which way the teeth point, as long as the scissors feel comfortable in your hand.

Open the blades of the scissors and position them around the hair beneath your fingers. Cut through the hair once, keeping the blade as close to your fingers as possible.

Release the hair and pick up another 1/2-inch section of bangs beside the first. Repeat the texturing process on that section. Continue texturizing your bangs until you reach the other end.

Unclip your hair and tousle the bangs with your fingers. Examine your bangs to determine if you like the amount of texturing. If desired, recut the bangs using the same method to create additional texture.

  • You can also texturize longer bangs, such as those that sweep to the side. To do this, gather the bangs together at a point in the center of your face. Cut the bangs straight across once using the texturizing scissors. Finger comb the bangs back into position.

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