How to Do Tight Curls With Household Items

Recreate Selena Gomez's face framing ringlets with a sock bun.
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If you're trying to avoid heat styling tools but love the look of tight curls, it can be a challenge to keep your curling iron tucked away. You don't have to give up on styling your hair while you're giving it a break from damage. A sock bun will set your hair for long lasting curls -- all while you catch up on your beauty sleep. Grab those unloved socks from the back of your drawer and give your iron some healthy competition.

Use scissors to cut off the curved enclosed end of a clean sock. Use a cotton sock as they have more elasticity than heavier materials like wool.

Spritz your hair from root to mid-length with water from a spray bottle. Brush your hair from root to tip to evenly dampen it. You can also use dry shampoo if available. This will help your hair hold the curl.

Brush all your hair back over the crown of your head. Grasp it between your hands when it is aligned at the top of your ears and secure it tightly with a hair elastic. Use a metal-free hair elastic to prevent creases.

Roll one end of the sock outwards until you reach the other end to form a doughnut shape.

Pull the end of your ponytail through the center of the sock until 2 inches have been pulled through. Spread the ends of your ponytail evenly over the edge of the sock. The hair does not have to cover the sock completely, but it needs to be distributed so that one area doesn't contain more hair than the rest and become too heavy. Tuck the ends of your ponytail under the sock.

Grasp the tucked ends of hair and the sock with one hand. Use your other hand to roll the sock and the hair that is wrapped around it toward your head once. Tuck the ends of hair that have loosened after the first roll under the bottom portion of the sock again to resecure it. Roll the sock and tuck the hair repeatedly until you reach the base of the ponytail.

Use bobby pins to secure the edges of the bun to the top of your head. Fine hair may not require pins.

Leave the sock bun in your hair overnight. Remove the bobby pins in the morning and pull the sock and hair elastic out of your hair.

Gently run your fingers through your hair to blend the curls. Smooth a dime-sized amount of anti-frizz serum through the ends of each curl to add definition.

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